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Los Angeles, Jan 16: Actress Keira Knightley says she suffered a certain disease while she was busy working. But she did not realise the seriousness of the matter until her health got worse.

She is said to have suffered a lung infection, and had chest pain and breathing problems. It got worse when she was in the middle of a play's rehearsals in 2012.

"You do period films and you get some sort of weird archaic disease. And I didn't realise, so I went on for another month. I just stupidly never went to a doctor," Harper's Bazaar magazine quoted Knightley as saying.

"I was rehearsing for this play and then I found in rehearsals it got so bad that I couldn't stand up any more. And they said: 'Please, can you go to the doctor," said the actress, who was seen in the film "Anna Karenina" last year.


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