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London, Jan ary 4: A shoe designer has showcased his award-winning couture collection in a way that most of us have never thought about fashion before - by representing birth, life, death and resurrection through the medium of shoes.

Each design by Benjamin John Hall stands in for a stage of life, with the likes of Amniotic Boots representing birth, Ascension Wedges for life, NDE Skates for death, and the Lazarus Wedge for resurrection, the Daily Mail reported.

While the collection looks like something suited only for flamboyant celebrities like Lady Gaga, it nevertheless this year won the International Talent Support YKK award for accessories.

This special award is sponsored by YKK, the Japanese company which creates 90 percent of the world's zips, and goes to a designer who uses one of their fastening systems to enhance an accessory or artwork in an original and technically advanced way.

Hall's collection used a special fire retardant YKK zip for the final shoe presented in the clip, the Lazarus Wedge, which is set ablaze in a process he calls Fire Lasting. (ANI)

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