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London, Jan 5: A doctor in UK started hallucinating half way through in his attempt to eat the world's hottest curry - 10,000 times hotter than tabasco sauce.

Ian Rothwell, 55, has become the first person to eat an entire plateful of the Widower chicken curry, which measures a mouth-searing six million on the Scoville scale of heat, the Mirror reported.

The dish at the Bindi Indian restaurant in Grantham, Lincolnshire, contains around 20 Naga Infinity chilies - one of the fiercest on the planet.

They are more than 200 times hotter than a jalapeno and can reduce a grown man to tears and cause mouth blisters and burns.

More than 300 people have tried the curry, which the chef prepares wearing goggles.

But Rothwell, a consultant radiologist from Sudbrooke, Lincolnshire, is the only one to have finished it.

It took him about an hour to eat and had to stop half way through and go out for a walk and some fresh air.

Rothwell had to sign a disclaimer before tackling the 20-pound dish. (ANI)

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