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Mumbai, Nov 15: It would not be inappropriate, if I say Ekta Kapoor and her brother Tusshar Kapoor are the weirdest siblings in Bollywood! The talented serials and film producer Ekta Kapoor maintains a very tight schedule most of the time, and so she does not have even the spare time to enjoy her dinner with the entire family.

But now the prolific producer and her actor brother have entered into a pact! The siblings nowadays have decided to meet in a restaurant for dinner after every 10 days. They do dine together, and discuss over the projects which the Balaji Telefilms should be taking up and also on the cast they should get in for their projects. An insider tells Ekta trusts in Tusshar a lot, and values his point of view.

Though most of the decisions are taken by the producer herself, but then, she gives her brother an oppurtunity always to let her know any points which she might be overlooking. Ekta and Tusshar do have just 2 years of difference, but Ekta has tasted success in a large scale unlike her brother. Tusshar is still struggling to carve a position of himself in the industry, despite lot of backings offered to him by Ekta and daddy Jeetendra.

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