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Hyderabad, Nov 30: Tamil cinema's Matinee idol and super star Vijay's movie Thuppaki was released on the eve of Diwali. Earlier his films that were dubbed in Telugu failed to draw the attention of the Telugu audience. However, this film has generated a lot of curiosity among the cine goers. This is first time Vijay is acting under the direction of A.R. Murugadoss in this action-adventure flick. The film opened to highly positive reviews from both the critics and audiences.

The story revolves around a youngster from a Mumbai-based Tamil family and his decisions he takes after his life undergoes a sudden turn. Jagadish (Vijay) is a secret agent in the Indian Army. He goes on a holiday as there is no war fear from any corner of the country. Terrorists plant a bomb in Mumbai and blast it. However the terrorist gets caught by the hero, who interrogates him. To his shock, he comes to know that the blast was just a sample one and many more blasts are yet to take in 12 more places across Mumbai, to devastate the city. How the hero tracks the other terrorists and kills them forms the crux of the story. A lot of mind games between the villian (Vijyut Jamwal) and the hero make the movie more interesting.

An intelligent storyline till the end of the movie keeps the audience wanting for more. Thuppaki is a thrilling drama in the first part and becomes slow while the movie goes on. While it does keeps the audience on the edge of the seat in few scenes, the movie gets the audience hooked to the story from the second half. What mainly works for the movie is its direction in few scenes which make the movie worth watching. The villain's part is so well etched, that he is never loud, bombastic or too emotional, but goes by the flow.

Vijay looks awesome and his body language suits the Telugu nativity. The action and kidnap scenes and the mind games worked out well. Murugadoss showed his expertise with his direction on the celluloid. Kajal Aggarwal did not have enough scope to perform but did her part well, as she was limited to song and dance sequences. She looked glamorous in her scenes. Cinematography by Santosh Sivan and Music by Harris Jayaraj are the add-on highlights of this action flick. Harris Jayaraj churned out few good melodies like ‘google' and ‘chinni chinni pululam' which mesmerizes the audience. The directorial class of A.R. Murugadoss makes the movie worth watching.

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