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Mumbai, Nov 12: Prithviraj, is already an established Malayalam actor who has starred in 83 films of South India. And recently he debuted in Bollywood too, with the film "Aiyaa". He is son of the superstar Sukumaran. And after his father passed away, Prithviraj took to acting at the age of 20. He said before he started doing films, he was studying in Australia in Information Technology. He was offered the first film when he came back to home for vacationing.

The 30 years old actor, met his wife, who worked for a TV channel as a reporter for an interview. Later when they were on a trip to Mumbai, they got to know each other better, and fell in love, and ultimately marriage happened! Prithviraj says though Kerala is known to be a matriarchal society, he believes nothing such exists in reality. Usually men are the head of the family. And in his own relationship too, he dominates.

Prithviraj has tasted success at such a young age, but he feels sad for not having a scope to share his joys with his daddy. Sukumaran passed at the age of 49 by a sudden cardiac arrest. Prithviraj was just 17 then, everything happened so unexpectedly.

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