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Melbourne, Nov 21: A passenger, who happened to be an off-duty pilot, stepped in to land a Lufthansa Boeing 747 on Monday, after its co-pilot suffered a incapacitating migraine.

A North American Airlines Boeing 767 captain, who was also fully licensed to operate and fly the 747, stepped up to the flight deck when requested and diverted the plane going from Newark to Frankfurt, to Dublin, reported.

On landing the injured pilot was taken to hospital while the passengers waited for six hours for a replacement crew member to be flown in.

"In such circumstances it's absolutely normal procedure for the pilot, the flight captain, to continue to operate the aircraft. Also, where necessary, the cabin crew are fully trained and can be called upon to read checklists back to the pilot," the website quoted a Lufthansa spokesperson as saying.

"The procedures are in place for such an eventuality. But the effort of the off-duty pilot were certainly appreciated. Whenever you have any sort of medical issue on board, whether it's a doctor or appropriately qualified person, that's always appreciated.

"The flight would have been operated as per procedures and safely even if the off-duty pilot had not been there,'" the Lufthansa spokeswoman said. (ANI)

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