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New York, Nov 9: Brooke Burke Charvet has revealed that she is battling thyroid cancer and will be undergoing surgery soon.

Burke's doctors originally found a nodule in her neck back in July.

The 41-year-old "Dancing with the Stars" host told her story in a video today titled "Cancer: Me?"

"Long story. I got my results back and they were not good," the New York Post quoted Charvet as telling in the video posted on her ModernMom blog.

"I need to have thyroid surgery, which means that I am going to have a nice big scar, right here, across my neck," she said.

The 41-year-old actress however insists that she is feeling optimistic.

"I feel really good... I've never felt better, that's what's so crazy about this whole thing" and vows to "make a positive out of this negative thing," she said.

Burke also said that she wanted to announce the news herself, to prevent any rumours.

"I didn't want anyone to read about it and get the wrong idea," she said.

"I'm ready to deal with it, and I'm going to be fine. And I feel really strong," she added.

The actress promised to keep her fans updated on her progress, now that she has had time to digest the news. (ANI)

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