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Mumbai, Oct 6: With the latest news that the people working in Yash Raj Studio call Rani Mukherjee as bhabi (sister-in-law) and that Rani will be taking the help of the YRF studio to promote her upcoming movie "Aiyaa" are only adding fuel to the fire which sparked due to the buzz that Rani has been married to Aditya Chopra. She behaves as if she is the owner of the YRF studio.

All this hints that the bong bombshell is really in a serious affair with Adi Chopra and ofcourse the news is true! However Rani has denied any reports about her marriage with Adi Chopra. Shhe says she comes from a respectable family where all will be happy to get their daughter married. So she or her family don't need to lie to media about marriage. These type of baseless irresponsible rumors affect her family.

Rani added that marriage is a respectable thing in one's life, when she marries she will not do it in a hidden covert way. If anything is having a clandestine approach in it, its definitely not marriage! But for the past few months, Rani and Aditya are meeting up publicly and have been snapped together several times.

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