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Washington, Oct 6: A Brazilian student, who became a viral sensation last week by claiming that she was auctioning off her virginity to raise money for impoverished families in her country, made it clear it was a business decision for her, the man behind the auction has revealed.

Early bidding to sleep with virgin Catarina Migliorini, 20, quickly topped 190,000 dollars.

The organizer of the auction, Australian filmmaker Justin Sisely said that he was shocked when she told various media that she was doing it for charity, as he thought it was for profit and self-promotion, the Huffington Post reported.

"I was surprised she said that because in all my dealings with her, she made it clear that it was a business decision for her," Sisely said.

"Now, given how big this story is in Brazil, she's trapped. If she doesn't give any money to charity, she's going to look bad," he said.

For the last two years, Sisely has been working on a documentary called 'Virgins Wanted,' that follows male and female virgins attempting to get over that particular hump, so to speak.

As part of the project's climax, Sisely has been holding a pair of online auctions in which people could bid for the chance to have sex with virgin Migliorini, 20, or Alex Stepanov, a male. (ANI)

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