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Wellington, Oct 14: Artists have amalgamated nudes, bodypaint and yoga to create some intriguing "human motorcycles".

The "motorcycles," are a result of a collaboration between body paint artist Trina Merry and Ryan Berman, and will be touring with the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows in the US, reported.

The net result of the collaboration was three "human motorcycles" - a Ducati sport bike, a KTM dirt bike and a Harley-Davidson cruiser - created over three days.

Technically the people used in the construction of these "motorcycles" weren't models, but were dancers, yoga instructors and circus performers, able to undertake the contortions needed to form the variety of shapes, including wheels, seats, exhaust pipes and handle bars.

According to website,, each creation required hours of work with the cruiser taking 15 hours, the sport bike 18 hours and the dirt bike 13.5 hours, with each bike being airbrushed by at least eight people.

Massage therapists kept the participants limbered up and there was a maximum of two minutes a time each bike could be held in the position. (ANI)

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