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New York, October 12: A former advertising executive has teamed up with the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) to create an animated video of lovable, cuddly polar bears who suffer from real-life health effects of a diet filled with too much sugar.

The trouble in the ad by Alex Bogusky begins for 'The Real Bears' when Papa bear's 'suit' splits from growing too tubby.

The PSA, which mocks Coca-Cola's "Open Happiness" campaign, shows a family of bears surrounded by "Be Happy" messages. The family is shown happily frolicking together, all while drinking bottles of soda.

Over the course of the four-minute video, set to a happy tune called "Sugar" by Jason Mraz, we watch the once-joyful bears become obese, suffer tooth decay, and have difficulty catching fish.

While Mama bear can't enjoy her freshly caught fish as sugar has rotted her teeth, Papa bear's troubles become all too real as he must inject insulin to treat his diabetes.

The PSA goes from cute to horrifying as we see the Papa bear begin to suffer complications from diabetes.

Not only does he have to inject insulin, but also suffers from erectile dysfunction and requires paw amputation, putting him in a wheelchair.

At the ad's conclusion, the Papa bear offers his overweight son a cola. His son hesitates after seeing how the drink has devastated his father's life.

The family then pours the brown liquid into the icy stream.

The family of 'The Real Bears' aren't happy since Papa bear had to have his paw amputated due to complications from his diabetes. Instead of frolicking in the ice, he is now wheelchair-bound.

'The Real Bears' dump the soda that never brought the happiness it promised.

The ad's conclusion is that soda won't make you happy, it will cause weight gain, disease and wreak misery upon the lives of you and your loved ones.

Representatives from Coca-Cola have bashed the ad, saying it unfairly links its product with a host of horrible diseases and conditions. The PSA mentions a quote that Coca-Cola's North America president Katie Bayne gave to USA Today in June, that "there is no scientific evidence that connects sugary beverages to obesity."

Susan Stribling, a spokesperson for Coca-Cola, said in an email that the ad was "irresponsible and the usual grandstanding from CSPI."

"It won't help anyone understand energy balance, which is key according to recognized experts who've studied this issue-a group that, by default, doesn't include CSPI. Enough said," the New York Daily News quoted her as telling the Ad Age. (ANI)

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