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Chennai, Jul 19: All Indians and South Indians in particular are in awe with Kamal Hasan's unmatched acting talent. Many times when many wrote him off completely he struck back with vengeance with roles which only he can play. Now he is coming with his dream project 'Viswaroopam' and the buzz is he will be targeting global terror in his own way on silver screen. Even before his film is released, he revealed that script for Viswaroopam sequel is ready. Such is the perfection for this Universal Hero.

This stunned Lord of The Rings film maker who readily expressed his wish to do a film with Kamal. Now another renowned hollywood director says the star inspired him. He is Quentin Tarantino the Kill Bill director. In 2001, Kamal Haasan did a film called Aalavandhan where he plays a dangerous psychopath. In this film, Kamal used actual sequences for most part and used graphic sequences to portray the violence.

Apparently, Tarantino had seen this and was inspired to use manga comics for his Kill Bill series for the most gruesome scenes. And the ace director revealed this to Anurag Kashyap.Sources say that Kamal was thrilled to hear about this and felt happy that a director of his calibre had praised his work. He was also ruing that people here didn't seem to appreciate his experimentation apparently.
Tie in Comedy Circus

India's laughing riot on small screen television Comedy Circus witnessed tie for the first time much to the disbelief of all. The finale witnessed tie between two couples. Krushna Abhishek and Sudesh Lahiri will share the award with Kapil Sharma and Sumona Chakraborty jodis who left all judges and entire participants along with all the viewers in awe with their exihilerating performances creating a laughing riot across the country shared the top honors together.

This is the fifth time, Krushna and Sudesh have been crowned the winner of the show. Kapil, who has already won the last five seasons of Comedy Circus in row, will emerge victorious for the sixth time. Informs a source, "Kapil-Sumona and Krushna-Sudesh were fabulous in their respective acts. And when the scores were added, the two jodis clinched the same score, hence were announced winners jointly. Siddharth Jadhav, whose partner Bharti Singh has been missing from the show, showcased a small dance performance in the finale episode along with some acts performed by the guest artists like Shakeel, Kashif, etc." All in all everyone enjoyed Comedy Circus which made them forget their mundane troubles and pressures and start the week ahead happily.

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