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Mumbai, June 10: Mallika Sherawat disappeared from silver screen after her short stint in “Tezz” as item girl Laila, which failed to charge up the audience. Except some public appearances in gala events like Cannes 2012 Mallika is leading a solitary life, one might deduce from here. But the Hiss woman has ultimately found her man it seems. She has been raving about her mysterious ‘special friend’ and finally we have found out who he is! He is a famous hotelier named Dominique Desseigne. And recently Mallika posted a picture while she was traveling in a private jet from Cannes to Versailles. Obviously the plane is Dominique’s.

We also hear that all her trips to Cannes and US are sponsored by her special friend Dominique. But when Mallika was asked about this chapter of her life, she retorted that she is an independent woman and does not need a man to pamper her. She says everything said about her link-up with her special friend is totally absurd. She is self-sufficient, and she wont need a man’s help to reach the ultimate position.

Mallika revealed that she with her brother went to visit Chateau of Versailles which is accessible by VIPs only, and Dominique gave them the entry pass to tour the entire area. And Mallika just to return the favor has invited him to visit Rajasthan sometime.


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