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Mumbai, June 14: Bollywood starlet Deepika is always in news not for her films but for her alleged affairs with more than one hot and young heroes. However her sister Anisha Padukone who is making a name for herself in golf says rumors on her sister don't bother her family as rumors are common in film industry. She goes on to add that if they were rumors, will remain only as rumors. She says in a matter-of-fact manner, "I think it comes automatically in the film industry. Linking one with the other is a part of this industry. It is unavoidable. We have got used to it. So, it doesn't bother us."

Anisha is currently ranked 9th in India and is looking forward to a golf tournament in Bangalore next week. She says, "Right now I am preparing for the Bangalore tournament after which I will travel to Hyderabad for another one." She has her hands full with all things golf and isn't even looking in the direction of Bollywood. "You will not see me in films at all. I want to be a professional golfer. It will only be golf for me," she says firmly ruling out her Bollywood entry.

Earlier there were rumors that Deepika was encouraging Anisha to enter films and she is even making good use of her contacts. When asked what made her turn professional golfer when her Dad was a popular badminton player she says "When I was a kid, I used to play many sports. But only golf caught my interest and from then on there was no looking back. I just like it more than any other sport," she says. And she is inspired by none other than Tiger Woods (controversies aside!). "He is such a great player. I hope to meet him soon sometime."

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