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Mumbai, May 3: Fitness freak, Anil Kapoor, has turned 53, but he looks not a day older than 35. He recently attempted park-our, a sports. Anil Kapoor’s last release was a Hollywood movie of 2011, “Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol”. Now he is ready to strike back the silver screen with “Tezz”. He plays the role of counter terrorism officer named Arjun Khanna. He is an honest officer in the movie and can go to any extent to achieve justice. Ajay Devgan plays the anti-hero. And while Ajay sets out to restore everything which was taken away from him unlawfully, Anil is determined to stop him.

Both Ajay and Anil fight against time! Hollywood action directors who have worked in films like “Quantum of Solace”, “Bourne Identity” and “Harry Potter and the deadly hallows”, Gareth Milne and Peter Pedrero, have directed the stunts in the film.

Anil mentioned that the film is made on an international scale, and it has also an emotional side, which makes it different from Hollywood movies. Shooting was done all over England. Priyadarshan and Anil have come together in “Tezz” after their blockbuster “Virasaat”. Anil also added that the film is very similar to Hollywood action movies, and with this film, thrillers of Bollywood will achieve a new height.

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