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Mumbai, Jan 15: Megastar Amitabh Bachchan recalls the days when English rock band "The Beatles" created a craze amongst music enthusiasts. He says today's generation may not value their contribution to the music industry, but they were ultimate.

"A fair assessment and one that requires no great detail in let it be let it be...a la why on earth did they come into this. that they have, we shall indulge(sic)," the 69-year-old posted on his blog

"This generation may not value them as much as we did, but they were and still are the ultimate!! And what a craze and following and madness about them - the hair, the music, the songs, their lives, their LP's (LP record)...everything about them was nothing short of being godly," he further added.

Big B also says that the band created a stir in music industry with their initial hit tracks and few of the mostly inspired cities were Kolkata.

"In those early days of Kolkata, when they were emerging the giants that they were, the rush to get the LP's of their latest, a rarity because they were not as freely available as music is now. You waited for that odd chance of a friend travelling to London, a rarity by itself, and then after a long and tedious gap to acquire the sound that has been heard perhaps on radio, or at a frequently travelled friends place," he further posted.

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